Amazon and Meta join the Frontier Model Forum to promote AI safety


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Making frontier AI models safe is a complex, global challenge. 

Today, we’re excited to share that Amazon and Meta are joining the Frontier Model Forum and will collaborate alongside founding members Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI to advance AI safety. 

As a non-profit organization and the only industry-supported body dedicated to advancing the safety of frontier AI models, the FMF is uniquely suited to make real progress on identifying shared challenges and actionable solutions. Our members share a desire to get it right on safety – both because it’s the right thing to do, and because the safer frontier AI is, the more useful and beneficial it will be to society. 

Amazon and Meta bring their experience and expertise to the FMF and have committed to meaningfully contributing to its mission. By participating in the development of safety best practices and furthering the science of AI safety, each firm will play an integral role in the FMF’s efforts to advance the safe development and deployment of frontier AI. Like all FMF member firms, they were required to show that they are actively building  toward or deploying frontier AI models, with a demonstrated track record of building safety mitigations into their development process. 

Chris Meserole, Executive Director of the Frontier Model Forum, said of the newest members joining the organization: “The FMF aims to ensure that the most advanced AI systems are as safe as possible. We’re thrilled to welcome Amazon and Meta as members and look forward to working with each to advance the science and practice of AI safety.” 

Information-sharing is central to the FMF’s mission and operations. Member firms share lessons learned, and collaborate to develop shared understandings both of how frontier AI might pose risks to public safety, as well as to evaluate and mitigate those risks. The FMF aims to draw on those collective learnings to inform a wide range of stakeholders, from the broader public to AI safety standards bodies.

“Meta has long been committed to the continued growth and development of a safer and open AI ecosystem that prioritizes transparency and accountability. The Frontier Model Forum allows us to continue that work alongside industry partners, with a focus on identifying and sharing best practices to help keep our products and models safe. It’s this type of collaboration that will help us build AI to meet society’s biggest needs – from healthcare to climate change and beyond.” – Nick Clegg, President, Global Affairs at Meta

“Amazon builds and deploys AI technologies that are reliable, secure, safe, and deliver experiences our customers trust. We are proud to join the Frontier Model Forum where we will work collectively with industry partners to advance the science, standards, and best practices that will enhance AI safety and security. We remain dedicated to driving innovation, while also implementing the necessary safeguards to protect consumers, including our work to embed responsible AI tools into our products and services.” – David Zapolsky, senior vice president global public policy and general counsel, Amazon

Over the coming months, the FMF will continue bringing together industry leaders with civil society, academic researchers, and policymakers to discuss a collective approach to identifying frontier AI risks and mitigations.